Mariachi de Tempe, Peer Solutions Work Together

  • By Joseline Lara


    Tempe High School is a place filled with many wonderful students. Without those students, Tempe High School wouldn’t be the school it is today. A student, named Cheyanne, graduated from Tempe High School's Class of 2002. Cheyanne would always volunteer her time and donate. She was a role model and always helped others. Now, it’s time for the Tempe High community to help her. Cheyanne and her family were impacted the devastating Hurricane Michael in Florida. Cheyanne lost everything. Two of her four children need medical help.

    Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo!

    Mariachi de Tempe, the mariachi ensemble at Tempe High, played during lunch to collect donations and raised approximately $50 in fifteen minutes. The mariachi believes that we should help to make the world a better place through music. They played to bring awareness to another person’s difficulties. In addition to money, the emsemble is sending good wishes to all the people who have lost so much in the recent hurricane.


    The Tempe High library is collecting donation for Cheyanne and her family. 

    Peer Solutions at THS

    Cheyanne was a part of Peer Solutions while at Tempe High. Peer Solutions is an organization where students and staff try to make the school and the world a better place. Students at Tempe High gather on a weekly basis and share their ideas on how to improve our school, and how students can make a positive change in our community.

    Peer Solutions also has a program called: THE GUTS TO BE GOOD. G2BG encourages 5 things everyone, everywhere, every day can do to promote SAFETY, EQUALITY & RESPECT as norms on an individual, relationship, community and societal levels:

    • The guts to be RESPECTFUL,
    • The guts to be COURTEOUS,
    • The guts to SPEAK UP,
    • The guts to be HONEST &
    • The guts to LEND A HAND


    Always remind yourself that helping others is always such a good thing, it can be as little as holding the door for someone, volunteering or donating. Be someone like Cheyanne, and remember “Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo!”

    Mariachi de Tempe's upcoming Winter performance

    Mariachi de Tempe will be performing at the annual winter concert on December 4th at 6:00 in the THS Auditorium. The orchestra and the mariachi will be visiting many countries during the performance. The award winning THS Culinary Arts classes will be baking cookies from each country. These cookies will be shared at a reception following the concert. Come and enjoy!