Academic Programs at Tempe High

  • Tempe High School offers special programs such as HOPE, AVID, Dual Enrollment, and JAG. Visit the menu to the left to learn more about our Academic Programs:

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

    AVID is a college-prep curricular program for students in the academic middle in which students take an elective class held within the regular school day that provides support, academic monitoring, and tutoring. In addition to the AVID elective class, each AVID student is required to take at least one honors or IB course.

    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment is offered as a partnership with Maricopa Community Colleges; students can take college-level math, science, and English courses that will count both for high school and college credit.


    HOPE, the Health Occupation Preparatory Education Academy, is a partnership between Tempe High, Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital and Mesa Community College and presents core courses (Math, Science, Social Studies, and English) with a medical focus.

    International Baccalaureate

    The IB Diploma Program is a rigorous college-prep program designed for highly motivated students interested in a challenging educational experience with an international perspective. Founded in Switzerland in 1968, there are currently over 2,800 IB schools worldwide that offer the IB Diploma. Our aim is to develop students who are knowledgeable, inquiring, compassionate, and who will use cultural understanding and respect to create a more peaceful world.  

    Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates (JAG)

    JAG’s mission is to help young people stay in school and to acquire the academic, personal, leadership and vocational skills they will need to be successful upon graduation.

Academic Programs Contacts

  • Dave Morton
    (480) 967-1661 Ext. 20137

    Taylor Jones
    (480) 967-1661 Ext. 23603

    Ariana Gowda
    (480) 967-1661 Ext. 25404

    Angela Marques
    Dual Enrollment
    (480) 967-1661 Ext. 20134

    Michael Cooper
    IB Coordinator
    (480) 967-1661 Ext. 20138 

    Tanya Moulton
    THS JAG Representative
    (480) 967-1661