Online Summer Education Academy

  • Tempe Union Online - Summer Session 2019

    March 1 - June 21, 2019

    Registration for Online Classes
    March 1 – May 1, 2019 - no late registrations will be accepted

    Tempe Union is now offering online learning opportunities to provide flexibility for personalized student success. Students will work with their teacher to complete coursework in a virtual environment. Final exams will be given in on a Tempe Union campus in a proctored environment.

    Requirements - Students must:

    • have regular, convenient, daily access to a computer and the Internet to complete coursework in a virtual environment

    • have the ability to get to the Online Learning computer lab at Compadre Academy for proctored final exam

    • be an independent, self-disciplined, self-motivated learner

    • be able to self-advocate and ask for help when needed

    Complete this online form to determine if you are a good candidate for online learning: Am I a Good Candidate for an Online Learning Course?

    Registration Forms are available in the Guidance Department at all schools. All forms must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and counselor. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and determined by the order registration forms are submitted. Payment must accompany the registration form.

    Students may begin online coursework as soon as their registration has been processed.
    All coursework, including the final exam, must be completed by June 21, 2019.

    Registration Process:

    Step 1: Complete the Registration Form
    Step 2: Obtain a counselor’s signature
    Step 3: Make payment to the bookstore
    Step 4: Return signed form & receipt to the counselor


    $175 per session (1/2 credit per course)
    A $30.00 fee will be assessed to all refunds.
    Applications must be processed by May 1, 2019.

    Transportation to proctored tests and final will not be provided. Students must get to the testing location on their own.

    Attendance Policy:
    Students must login regularly to their class. Depending on the date the student begins the course, 2-5 hours of online work a day is expected and necessary to complete the course by the deadline of June 21. Student progress will be set and tracked, based on your start date, and can be viewed online by students, parents and the teacher.

    Courses Offered Online:


    Daily coursework is completed by students online. Students are expected to work online 2-5 hours each day (depending on when the student begins the course). All coursework must be submitted and graded before requesting the final exam. All final exams are administered in person in a proctored setting at Compadre Academy. Students must bring a valid ID to the testing center to take all final exams.

    Students are given up to 16 weeks (depending on date of completed course registration) to complete online courses during the summer with a final due date of June 21, 2019.

    Final Exams:
    Final exams must be completed by June 21st and must be completed in a proctored setting at Compadre Academy. Students are responsible for submitting a scheduling request using the link on the District SEA website to come in for the proctored final exam. Students may take the final at any proctoring session up to the final due date.

    Students will be assigned a testing time and site when they register for the final exam using the form on the Tempe Union SEA website.