Graduation Requirements

  • Participants in the graduation ceremonies must meet all of the graduation requirements.

    English (AZ state proficiency required) 4 credits
    Mathematics  4 credits
    Science (1 physical, 1 life & 1 additional) 3 credits
    World History & Geography 1 credit
    American/Arizona Government 1/2 credit
    U.S. History 1 credit
    Economics 1/2 credit
    Health Education 1/2 credit
    Physical Education 1 credit
    Fine/Practical Arts/Vocational Education 2 credits
    Electives 5 1/2 credits


    Service-type credit award for non-class service will be designated as "administrative assistant."  The grade is not counted in the cumulative grade average. No more than one credit is earned as an administrative assistant will be counted among the twenty required for graduation.


    Withdrawing from a class: Students wishing to withdraw from a class and not receive a grade must do so within the first ten weeks. Students withdrawing after the first ten weeks will receive a failure for the course.


    Transferring of classes: Students who are enrolled in school and wish to transfer into a new class must do so within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester.


    Repeating a course:  A repeat of a course is allowed in order for the student to improve their skills and grade. The better grade will count in the G.P.A. However, no additional credit will be given.


    Incomplete:  All incompletes must be made up within the following semester. Failure to do so will result in an "F" grade in that course.