Advanced Placement Program

  • By taking an AP course and scoring successfully on the related AP Exam, you can save on college expenses: most colleges and universities nationwide offer college credit, advanced placement, or both, for qualifying AP Exam scores. Corona del Sol offers a number of AP courses to students, including:

    ENGLISH (Core)

    AP English Language
    AP English Literature

    AP Spanish Language

    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics
    AP Computer Science A

    SCIENCE (Core)
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics 1

    AP World History
    AP US History
    AP US Gov & Politics
    AP Micro Economics
    AP Psychology
    AP Human Geography
    AP European History has tools to help you plan for transfer and provides accurate information about how your courses transfer, meet requirements and apply to a degree program.

CDS AP Contact

  • Jaimie Schulz

    AP Program Coordinator

    480-752-8888 x80134

Advanced Placement Updates

  • College Board has developed a new process for Advanced Placement Exam registration and enrollment. Below are important notes and dates regarding AP testing.

    September 3rd - October 4th — Students will log into their My AP online portal to register and enroll in their AP courses. AP teachers will be assisting students with this new process.

    October 1st — Deadline for students to sign up for Free and Reduced Lunch ( to ensure that they get the College Board discount on their AP exams. Students need to register every school year to qualify.

    November 1st — Final deadline for AP Exam registrations, enrollments, and payments*.

    February 28th — Deadline for SPRING SEMESTER Microeconomics, SPRING SEMESTER Macroeconomics, and SPRING SEMESTER Government.

    Any students still wanting to order an exam for a class that was first semester or full-year should see Ms. Schulz for an order form. There is a late fee of $40 per late exam. The final deadline for late orders and spring class orders is February 28th at 2:30p.m. in the bookstore. Receipts should then be attached to the order forms and turned in to the Counseling office.

    May 4th - May 15th — AP Exams

    *The cost will be $94 per exam. All exam order forms and payments are processed at the CdS bookstore. Receipts and order forms will then be submitted to Counseling. After November 1st, there will be an additional $40 late fee per exam.

    For any questions or concerns regarding the new AP dates or processes, please contact Jaimie Schulz in the Counseling Office. Any students wanting to take an AP exam not offered at Corona should see Ms. Schulz.