• The gifted program provides directions for students and parents with a whole campus/whole student approach utilizing teachers and counselors that are trained to identify and meet the unique needs of gifted students dealing with unique issues.

    The Gifted Counselors work with students during scheduled meetings, as well as during unscheduled, informal meetings. They also regularly share information with students and families through written and electronic means. Counselors are available for meetings, consultations, and telephone conversations with students, parents, teachers and administrators as needs and interests arise.

    • Internships
    • Clubs and Extra-curricular
    • College Readiness
    • Test preparation
    • College visits
    • Scholarship opportunities

Gifted Education - Program Eligibility

  • Testing for the gifted and talented program on a state-approved test is offered three times during each school year. Any student scoring a 97th percentile or above qualifies for differentiated instruction provided through numerous service options.

    Gifted Test Registration

    For TUHSD schools, a testing session takes place on the campus of Mountain Pointe High School on:
    April 6, 2024

    Students should arrive no later than 8 AM.

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