Engineering at Mountain Pointe

  • The Engineering Sciences program provides an in-depth study of the fields of engineering and the engineering design process. The Engineering curriculum exposes students to aerospace engineering, robotics, civil engineering, systems modeling and prototyping, electrical engineering, computer programing, computer-aided design (3D modeling), biomechanical engineering, and EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service).


    Students learn valuable 21st-century skills used in the workplace such as problem-solving, critical thinking, project planning, and decision making. Students are exposed to scientific laws and modeling of mathematics to real-world projects. Students also participate in capstone projects in the advanced engineering classes.

Engineering Science (3-year commitment)

  • Year 1:

    • TEC100 Engineering 1-2

    Year 2:

    • TEC110 Engineering 3-4

    Year 3:

    • TEC125 Honors Engineering 5-6

    Year 4:

    • TEC135 Honors Engineering 7-8

Engineering Contact

Robotics Club

  • To learn more about Robotics Club at Mountain Pointe High School, visit the following link:

Robotics at Mountain Pointe

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