Business Management

  • The Business Management Program is a two-year program that gives students an introduction to general business topics such as Economics, the functions of markets, types of business ownership, the role of entrepreneurs, the impact of the business cycle, business ethics and social responsibility, contract law, marketing principles, management functions, strategic planning tools, creating a business plan, and business and personal finance topics. 


    Sequence of courses:

    Year 1 – Business Management

    Year 2 - Students have the choice of taking two of the following three semester courses to complete the second year of the program:

    • Business Law
    • Business and Economic Applications*
    • Finance for Business Management

    *This course meets the Economics graduation requirement.



    Industry Certification: Microsoft Word

Business Management Courses (2-year commitment)

  • Year 1:

    BUS100 Business Management


    BUS102  Honors Business Management 

    Year 2 (choose 2):

    BUS200  Business Law

    BUS420  Finance for Business Management

    BUS500  Business & Economic Applications

    Year 3:

    BUS620  Advanced Business Management (Co-op)


    BUS630  Advanced Business Management Internship

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