Culinary Arts

  • The Culinary Arts Program is designed to prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills required for food production and service occupations. Students completing this program will possess the technical knowledge and skills required for planning, selecting, storing, purchasing, preparing, and serving quality food products. Additional studies include nutrition values, safety and sanitation procedures, use of commercial equipment, serving techniques, special diets and management of food establishments.

Culinary Arts Courses (2-year commitment)

  • Year 1:

    FCS110  Culinary 1-2

    Year 2:

    FCS115  Culinary 3-4

    Year 3:

    FCS150  Advanced Culinary Studies


    FCS160  Advanced Culinary Studies Internship

Culinary Contact

Culinary Arts at Mountain Pointe
Last Modified on August 11, 2021