Digital Photography

  • The Digital Photography Program is a comprehensive 2 year program that develops a student’s skill set and understanding of all aspects of photography. Throughout the program, students are introduced to the camera as an artist’s tool and photography as an art form. In addition, emphasis is placed on how Photography has influenced society and culture throughout its history. This program is designed for serious students who want the whole photography experience. Students learn in a hands-on studio environment many skills that will serve them well in whatever career path they choose.

    1st year

    • Camera and camera controls
    • Camera types
    • History of Photography
    • Elements & principles of Art and photographic composition
    • Basic digital editing concepts (Adobe Photoshop)
    • Visual literacy

    2nd Year

    • Advanced camera controls and alternative processes
    • Printing
    • Studio lighting
    • Advanced elements & principles of Art and advanced photographic composition
    • Copyright law, fair use and legal issues of starting a business
    • Portfolio development
    • Optional Adobe Certified Associate Photoshop Test

    For students who continue into the 3rd and 4th year of Photography, further emphasis is placed on planning, producing and perfecting advanced level photographic skills through complex projects and completion of a personalized portfolio. Students will also advance their workplace skills for employability in one of the many fields related to Photography. 

Digital Photography  (2-year commitment)

  • Year 1:

    ART410  Photography 1-2

    Year 2:

    ART415  Photography 3-4

    Year 3:

    ART420  Photography 5-6

    Year 4:

    ART425  Photography 7-8

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