Software Development

  • The Software & App Design program of study is for students with an interest in careers related to business, engineering, computer science, information technology, bioinformatics, genetics, physics, chemistry, or math. However, in today's world, almost every occupation or endeavor uses some form of computer software - including the fine arts. Some knowledge about how software is designed, created and maintained will provide a useful background. Both courses, Honors Computer Programming 1-2 and AP Computer Science A, are college-level courses that teach students how to program in the Java language. By any measure, Java is one of the top computer languages in the world. A person knowledgeable in Java can generally pick up other top-rated languages such as C or C++ without too much difficulty.

Software & App Design (2-year commitment)

  • Year 1:

    MAT600 Honors Computer Programming 1-2

    Year 2:

    MAT640  AP Computer Science A

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Last Modified on November 22, 2019