CTE Dual Enrollment Courses by Program

  • All dual enrollment courses are offered through Rio Salado with the exception of Bioscience and Engineering. Some of those dual enrollment courses are offered through the University of Arizona. Rio Salado logo University of Arizona logo



    and Career Success                    CIS105 – Computer Information Systems



                Honors Accounting 1-2      ACC107 – Bookkeeping Theory and Practice

                Honors Accounting 1-2      ACC109 – Accounting Concepts

                Honors Accounting 3-4      ACC115 – Computerized Accounting


                Honors Biotech 1-2           BIO 107 – Introduction to Biotechnology

                Honors Biotech 3-4           MCB102 – Molecular and Cellular Biology (University of Arizona)


    Business Management

                Business Management      MGT175 – Business Organizations and Management

                                                      MGT253 – Owning and Operating a Small Business

                Business and Economic

                Applications                     EPS150 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship


                Finance for Business

                Management                    GBS132 – Personal and Family Financial Security


    Digital Photography

                Photography 1-2               ART132 - Photography

                Photography 3-4               ART142 – Introduction to Digital Photography


    Early Childhood Education

                Early Childhood 1-2           ECH176 – Child Development

                                                       CFS101AH – Art Activities for Young Children

                                                       ECH270 – Observing Young Children

                                                       ECH282 – Discipline/Guidance Child Groups


                Early Childhood 3-4           CFS101AJ – Music Activities for the Young Child

                                                       CFS101AP – Science Activities for the Young Child

                                                       ECH271 – Arranging the Environment

                                                       ECH280 – Food Experiences with Young Children

                                                       CFS123 – Health/Nutrition-Early Childhood

                                                       CFS125 – Safe/Early Childhood Settings



                Honors Engineering 5-6     ENGR102HS – Introduction to Engineering (University of Arizona)


    Law and Public Safety

                Criminal Justice 1-2          AJS101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

                                                       AJS260 – Criminal Procedure 


                Marketing 1-2                   MKT271 – Principles of Marketing

                                                       MKT267 – Principles of Salesmanship


                Advanced Marketing          GBS110 – Human Relations in Business Industry

                                                       GBS151 – Introduction to Business

    Software Development

                Honors Computer

                 Programming 1-2             CIS163AA – Java Programming Level 1

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