Please Follow the Facility Use Procedures Below:

  • 1. Complete the form and submit to the Activities Administrative Assistants at one of the high schools listed below at least two weeks prior to the date of the activity. The Facility Request Form must be filled out completely before the designated administrator will approve the facilities to be used.


    Tempe High School
    1730 S. Mill Ave – Tempe
    Activities Administrative Assistant:
    Marnie Wright 480-967-1661 x20106
    Fax 480-736-4146
    McClintock High School
    1830 E. Del Rio Drive – Tempe
    Activities Administrative Assistant:
    Erica Cota 480-752-8647
    Fax 480-752-8664 
    Marcos De Niza High School
    6000 S. Lakeshore – Tempe
    Activities Administrative Assistant:
    Miguel Hernandez 480-838-3200 x40106
    Fax 480-730-7665

    Corona del Sol High School
    1001 E. Knox Road - Tempe
    Activities Administrative Assistant:
    Mary Baker 480-752-8768
    Fax 480-820-3632

    Mountain Pointe High School
    4201 E. Knox Road – Phoenix
    Activities Administrative Assistant:
    Marie Slany 480-759-8449 x50106
    Fax 480-759-8458 
    Desert Vista High School
    16440 South 32nd Street – Phoenix
    Activity Administrative Assistant: Becky Richardson 480-706-7946
    Athletic Area Administrative Assistant: Susan Slavin 480-706-7913
    Fax 480-706-7976 

    2. After 3 days, follow up with a phone call to the school's administrative assistant to see if they will be able to accommodate your request to use the facilities.

    3. If that school can not accommodate you, try another school.

    4. After the school approves the use of their site they will forward a copy or your request form to the District Office.

    5. A Facility Use Permit will be created at that time. The Permit will need to be signed by the school administrator and the client.

    6. A copy of our policies, regulations, and procedures will be given to the applicant at the time he/she signs the forms. These policies, regulations and procedures are a part of the Agreement and it is essential that the applicant read them and sign his/her name stating that he/she understands and agrees to the terms and conditions.

    7. A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained and presented to the District Office upon approval of the Facility Request Form with Tempe Union High School District identified as the additional insured party.

    8. We accept for payment: cashiers’ checks, certified checks, money orders or checks drawn by established organizations made payable to Tempe Union High School District Civic Center Fund. Please call for credit cards payments: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover accepted. The Coordinator of Facility Use is responsible for the collection and deposit(s) of all monies.

    For additional information about the use of TUHSD facilities, please contact the Coordinator of Facility Use (contact information above).

Facility Use Contacts