Andrea Carmody

  • Andrea Carmondy Andrea Carmody is the TAPP Coordinator. Mrs. Carmody began working with that TAPP program is 2015 as the program social worker and quickly fell in love with the mission of the program, the students who attend and the community that surrounds TAPP. Mrs. Carmody moved into the TAPP coordinator role for the 2018-19 school year. Mrs. Carmody began working in school social work in 2002 in Canada; she continued her work and completed her Master’s in Social Work after moving to Arizona in 2006. Outside of school she loves spending time with family and friends.

Kim Whitmyer

  • Kim Whitmyer Mrs. Whitmyer is the Mentor Coordinator for TAPP (Teenage Pregnancy Parenting Program) at Compadre Academy. Mrs. Whitmyer has been part of the TAPP program since 2010, and she was a classroom teacher for 18 years before moving into this role with Tempe Union. As the Mentor Coordinator her job entails teaching the classes, helping facilitate support groups for the mothers and fathers, overseeing the volunteers and connecting young parenting students to mentors in the community. The TAPP program is supported by various community partners and donations from advocates which Mrs. Whitmyer coordinates as well. Both of her sons have attended school in Tempe Union and were even in preschool in the district. When not working with teens at school she loves being with her family, hiking and spending time with her friends.

Kelli Wright

  • Kelli Wright Kelli C. Wright, MSW is the current Social Worker for the APPP Program (Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program) for the Tempe Union High School District. In this role, she visits all high schools in the district serving teens with support group, resources and referral, and case management as needed. Mrs. Wright is housed at Compadre High School for the TAPP (Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program), a comprehensive program for young parents and their children. Mrs. Wright teaches TAPP class, facilitates support group, and provides social work case management for all students enrolled in the program. Mrs. Wright has a diverse reach of experience working with pregnant and parenting teens and in women’s health education programs in Maricopa County and in rural areas throughout Arizona. Ms. Wright has previously held a seat for eight years on the First Things First Southwest Maricopa Regional Partnership Council. 

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