DV Special Medical Needs

  • It is Desert Vista's goal to provide each student with the maximum learning opportunities within a minimally restrictive environment. All medical conditions that may impair your student's ability to perform in class must be reported to the school and Nurse. This information will help them improve the student's ability to perform in the classroom and reduce feelings of difference among their peers.

    Conditions that may (but are not limited to) impact learning include:

    • Acute injury or illness
    • ADD/ADHD/Learning Disorders
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Psychological concerns
    • Vision/Hearing impairment 

    Ongoing communication between parents, students, and staff is vital to a student's success at Desert Vista High School. We believe incredibly in building relationships with our students and it is important that all personnel coming into contact with a student be aware of any accommodations that a student may need. A team approach involving any appropriate personnel is used in providing the best learning experience for students. The school Nurse's role is to coordinate the care between home and school. Please contact the School Nurse for assistance.

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