Attendance & Excusing

  • A critical aspect of any student’s academic success is regular and consistent attendance. If a student has an extended leave of absence for a medical reason, the Nurse’s Office must be notified.  The Nurse may provide assistance and coordinate any transitions necessary for the student to return to school. 

    Excusing a student before school:

    All medical and dental appointments should be made after school hours whenever possible. If your schedule only permits an appointment during the school day, it is important for students to return to school as soon as possible. Please submit an excuse covering the absence to the front office when you sign in your student in order to excuse the student from class for the appointment. If your student is ill, please contact the attendance office each day that the student is ill and specify the reason for the absence.  Please contact your school for attendance requirements. 

    Excusing a student during the school day:

    If your student has an injury or becomes ill while at school, the student should report to the School Nurse. In the event that the student is sent home due to Covid 19 symptoms, please refer to the Covid-19 information letter that will accompany the student.  Please be aware that the student must have clearance from the Nurse prior to returning to in-person learning if the illness is related to Covid-19.  If the student needs to be picked up, the Nurse will contact the parent or guardian listed on the enrollment form. If the parent/guardian is not reachable, the emergency contact listed for the student in the enrollment form will be contacted. The student may only be released to the parent/guardian or emergency contact listed in the enrollment form. If the student is well enough to walk or ride the local bus home, it is required that the school receive verbal permission via telephone call to allow the child to do so. If your student calls home because they are not feeling well or has an injury, please instruct them to see the Nurse, and you may also contact the Nurse as well. The school must receive parent/guardian or emergency contact consent in order for the student to be released from school.  In the event of an emergent illness or injury, EMS will be called and the parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible. If the student needs to be transported to an emergency facility, the parent will be contacted as well. 

    It is imperative to notify the school of any changes to the emergency contact information including phone numbers, addresses, and medical conditions. Up to date information is essential for us to provide effective care for your student. 

    When to keep your child at home:

    • The child has a temperature of 100 degrees or above (when not on fever reducers) within the last 24 hours.
    • The child has a rash or other condition that could potentially be contagious
    • The child has had vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
    • If your student is ill with Covid-19  related symptoms, has been exposed to someone with Covid-19,  or has tested positive for Covid-19, please communicate with the school nurse in addition to notifying attendance. If unable to participate in distance learning, it is necessary to call the attendance line each day of the absence. Prior to return to in-person learning, the student must have clearance by the school nurse. 

    ***Contact the School Nurse for any questions about any other specific symptoms.