The Department of Instructional Services

  • We are committed to supporting the district’s Mission of Excellence in Teaching and Learning by providing high-quality support to teachers and administrators of Tempe Union. Through professional development training and standards implementation, the staff of the Department of Instructional Services works to build the capacity of our professional teaching and administration staff to maximize our ability to foster greater levels of learning. We work to build consensus across the district as we combine state standards and instructional practices, creating guiding documents and fostering collegial dialogues to help all leaders of learners to fulfill their mission more effectively.

    Other areas of responsibility include:

Instructional Services Contacts

  • Steve Threadgill
    Director of Instructional Services
    480-839-0292 x12040
    Bridgette Latsch
    Administrative Assistant
    480-839-0292 x12014

    Charlotte Winsor
    Director of Federal Programs
    480-839-0292 x12013
    Kim Eudy
    Administrative Assistant
    480-839-0292 x12012

    Diana Miller
    College & Career Readiness Coordinator
    480-839-0292 X12017
    Maggie Fountain
    Professional Learning Program Manager
    480-839-0292 x12018
    Josh Thye
    Fine Arts Coordinator
    480-839-0292 x12023
    Eric Belec
    Content Specialist, English
    480-839-0292 x12015
    Cheryl Jannuzzi
    Content Specialist, Social Studies
    480-839-0292 x12022
    Liz Stone
    Content Specialist, Science
    480-839-0292 x12041
    Kevin Willis
    Content Specialist, Math & Physical Education
    480-839-0292 x12043
    Laura Zinke
    Content Specialist, World Language
    480-839-0292 x12024