• CTE offers many program choices that include project based instruction and includes opportunities for industry certifications and participation in student organizations. In addition, these programs include dual enrollment opportunities with local community colleges and universities, and participation in work/industry experiences.

    The following is a list of programs and suggested minimal course sequences for all CTE programs available in the district. For some programs additional courses may be available to replaces the listed courses. In addition, all programs have additional courses students may take beyond the minimal required sequence listed. In addition to the availability of the above CTE programs, students in TUHSD also have the opportunity to complete CTE programs at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT).

  • Accounting
    (CdS & MP)

    The Accounting program teaches students accounting principles and procedures of the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses.

  • Automotive Technologies

    The Automotive Technologies program prepares students to understand how their vehicles work and how to maintain it for a long and trouble-free existence. These classes are mostly hands-on performance-based learning with the majority of time in the shop working on actual vehicles.

  • Bioscience
    (CdS, DV, MdN, THS)

    The Bioscience program students learn applications, laboratory skills and techniques, limitations, and the international economic benefits, risks, and legal and moral issues.

  • Business Management
    (CdS & MP)

    The Business Management program prepares students for careers and/or collegiate academia in management, finance, marketing, and human resources.

  • Business Operations

    The Business Operations program offers students real-world learning experiences involving business and technology applications.

  • Construction Technologies
    (MdN & MHS)

    In Construction Technologies, students explore skills, materials, methods, and processes that will provide them with a basic working knowledge of construction trade skills through hands-on experience.

  • Culinary Arts
    (MdN, MHS, MP, THS)

    The Culinary Arts program students learn and apply technical knowledge and skills required for food production and service occupations.

  • Digital Photography
    (CdS, DV, MdN, MP, THS)

    The Digital Photography program is a comprehensive program taking students from traditional black and white film photography to digital photography in a studio environment.

  • Early Childhood Education
    (CdS, MdN, MP)

    The Early Childhood Education program is designed to prepare students for employment in early childhood settings.

  • Engineering
    (CdS, DV, MdN, MP)

    The Engineering program provides an in-depth study of the fields of engineering and the engineering design process. Students compete in class and state competitions while preparing them for the 21st-century workplace.

  • Film & TV Production
    (CdS, DV, MdN, MHS, MP, THS)

    The TUHSD Film and TV program prepares students for a career in film production and broadcast journalism.

  • Graphic Design
    (MdN, MHS, MP, THS)

    The Graphic Design program provides students a hands-on opportunity to use computer systems to create original works of art and commercially viable graphic design.

  • Law & Public Safety
    (DV, MDN, MHS)

    The Law & Public Safety program students develop a basic understanding of concepts, processes, and institutions of the criminal justice system.

  • Marketing
    (DV, MdN, MHS, THS)

    The Marketing Program is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in business, marketing, sales, hospitality and tourism, sports and entertainment marketing and entrepreneurship.

  • Media & Publications/ Digital Communications
    (CdS & DV)

    The Media & Publications/ Digital Communications program provides students with an overview of publication design and creation, such as the school yearbook and newspaper.

  • Software & App Design
    (CDS, DV, THS)

    The Software & App Development program of study is for students with an interest in careers related to business, engineering, computer science, information technology, bioinformatics, genetics, physics, chemistry, or math.

  • Technical Theatre/ Stagecraft
     (CDS, DV, MDN, MHS, MP)

    In the Technical Theatre/ Stagecraft program, students experience everything "behind the scenes" that goes into producing live theatre.