FRY'S Cool Cash Fundraiser!

  • A FREE and EASY way to support your favorite basketball team!!!

    The team can earn up to $2000 from Fry's - all you have to do is link your Fry's VIP card ONCE to the Cool Cash barcode for the Marcos de Niza basketball team. Then, from October through April, Fry's will donate 1% of your grocery sales to the team. Each time we reach $50,000 in sales, we will receive $500 (up to $2000)!!!
    Please print out the Cool Cash barcode and link your Fry's VIP card, then pass the barcode on to your family and friends!!!

    What is the Fry's "COOL CA$H" Program?
    "COOL CA$H" is a program for state-registered schools to earn CASH! For every $50,000 in V.I.P. purchases, Fry's Food Stores will mail a $500 check to the school to spend as they please. Each school can earn up to $2,000 in rebate checks.

    What does it cost to participate?
    Nothing! Participation is absolutely FREE!

    How does my child's school get credit for my Fry's V.I.P. purchases?
    Once the school enrolls in the program, they will be sent an email with their "COOL CA$H" barcode to distribute to students and parents. Present the barcode to the Fry's cashier. The cashier will scan your school's "COOL CA$H" barcode and your V.I.P. card, which will automatically attach the school to your card.

    How will I know when my V.I.P. card has been activated for "COOL CA$H"?
    A "COOL CA$H message will appear on the bottom your your grocery receipt from time to time.

    Can more than one school be signed up on one V.I.P. card?
    Each V.I.P. card can be linked to only one school. If you have more than one child in school and you would like to divide your purchases between them, another V.I.P. card will be required. For example, your card could be attached to school "A" and your spouse's card could be attached to school "B".

    How long will the program run?
    "COOL CA$H runs from October to April.

    Please Note: If the school total does not reach the minimum amount of $50,000, they will not be eligible for any rebates.
    *Excludes alcohol, tobacco, money order, Western Union, postage stamps, event tickets, Ticket Master, lottery ticket, gift card fundraising purchases and pharmacy.

    Click on the image below to open and print the barcode to link to your Fry's V.I.P. card

    Fry's Cool Cash