Career Resources

  • Why should students investigate career interests? How might taking career assessments help a high school student? 

    Taking career assessment aptitude and interest tests is useful because it helps students:

    • Pick high school classes that will help them reach their career aspirations
    • Identify their likes and dislikes
    • Understand what careers align with their interests
    • Get to know their personality type and how it relates to their day-to-day activities
    • Reflect on values and strengths
    • Determine what their work style is

    As the cost of certification programs and colleges continues to rise, it is important for students to become familiar with their future career goals before their senior year.  When students wait until their last year of high school or first year of college to start exploring their interests, it may lead to unhappiness with high school or college courses, college major changes, career changes, and inevitably a longer college experience which means more tuition dollars!

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    Maia Learning - website is used by all TUHSD students to create their ECAPs, including making 4-year plans for post-secondary education. Students use character assessments to help them discover more about themselves and the careers and majors they may want to pursue. Students and families will use this tool to make plans about careers, colleges and financial aid. 

Additional Career Resources