Scholarship Resources

  • It is the students who take the time to investigate and apply for scholarships who have the chance to earn them. It takes a bit of leg-work, but the payoff can be worth it. Sometimes scholarships award multiple winners but very few students apply; in such a case, the student's chances are very good.

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    Maia Learning - website is used by all TUHSD students to create their ECAPs, including making 4-year plans for post-secondary education. Students use character assessments to help them discover more about themselves and the careers and majors they may want to pursue. Students and families will use this tool to make plans about careers, colleges and financial aid.
    All searches for scholarships will go through the Financial Aid Tab in Maia Learning. Be sure to check both the national scholarship list and the local scholarship list (which will include state, local and district).

Scholarship Tips

  • Tip 1: Check the Maia Learning Scholarship list on a regular basis. New scholarships will continue to be posted throughout the school year.
    Tip 2: Listen to your counselor about how/when to ask for letters of recommendation.
    Tip 3: Don’t give up! Be persistent.
    Tip 4: Use a calendar app to keep track of due dates.
    Tip 5: There are scholarships that do not get awarded because no one applied, work hard and find them!
    Tip 6: Every dollar counts. You can “stack” many scholarships; it just depends on the scholarship.
    Tip 7: Once you have applied for a scholarship, you are halfway there on the next application. Tip 8: Keep copies of your applications and essays.
    Tip 9: Look at college websites! Every school will have information about scholarships specific to their school and financial aid on their website.
    Tip 10: You should never have to pay to apply for a scholarship. Be alert for scams! Any scholarship or scholarship search service that charges fees may be a warning sign.

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