Fight Song:

  • Red and Blue
    We are the Chargers from Tempe
    Red and Blue
    We're going to fight for victory,
    And we'll be strong and true
    And raise our banner to the sky,
    You'll never down the Chargers
    No one can top McClintock High.


    Red and Blue
    These colors stand above the rest,
    There's no one better than McClintock,
    The finest high school in the West

Alma Mater

  • In sun filled mountain grandeur

    Stand proud McClintock High,

    For banner boldly waving

    In contrast with the sky.


    And to you we are indebted

    For principles held dear,

    We'll always follow our traditions

    Through the coming years.


    Our Sacred Alma Mater

    Will guide us straight and clear,

    Her truth and hope inspiring,

    Dispelling any fear.


    Red and Blue, we pledge allegiance

    Though youth will pass us by,

    We'll always harbor rev'rent memories

    Of McClintock High