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  • Why Fine Arts?

    Everybody knows that fine arts classes are interesting and fun but did you know education in the arts enhances academic instruction? Numerous studies have demonstrated a strong connection between student participation in fine arts programs (music, drama, dance and visual arts) and student achievement in the following major areas: reading and language development, mathematics, fundamental thinking skills and capacities, motivation and effective social behavior. Examination of SAT scores shows that students of the arts routinely outperform their nonarts peers.

    McClintock High School offers a wide range of opportunities in the arts. McClintock offers both visual and performance arts courses with a longstanding history of excellence. Our outstanding teachers provide students with varied opportunities to develop talents and interest in a wide range of visual media. Course information for each area of our performing arts program may be found by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen

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  • Cornwell

    Tim Cornwell
    Department Lead
    480-839-4222 Ext. 60831

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