Section 504 Informational Resources

    • Your Personal Health Care Provider. 
    • Individual Campuses within TUHSD - Information/Homework Hotline (by Teacher). 
    • ADD Warehouse Catalog: 1-800-ADD-WARE
      Full of resources (books, videos, games, etc.) about ADD, LD, and other related difficulties.
    • Website: Arizona Center for Disability Law | 1-800-927-2260
      5025 E. Washington Street, Suite 202, Phoenix, AZ 85034
      This is a protection and advocacy agency governing the state of AZ. They are an excellent source regarding the law as it applies to the education of a student with ADD, as well as the law covering workplace accommodations.
    • Arizona State Department of Education, Department of Special Education will send you packets on the 504 Statute. 
    • ChADD (Children and Adults with ADD): (301) 306-7070
      An international network of information and support groups. They are also heavily involved in lobbying Congress for the needs of people with ADD. There are several ChADD chapters in the Valley. The various phone numbers may be found on their website at
    • Emily Anderson Family Learning Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital: (602) 546-1400
      This center houses a collection of materials (books, videos, etc.) regarding ADD and many other health issues. They may be borrowed or used at the center.
    • Website: Raising Special Kids | 1-800-237-3007 | 5025 E. Washington Street, Suite 2-C, Phoenix, AZ 85034
      An organization that reaches out to families of children with disabilities throughout AZ. Support, lending library, workshops, etc.
    • Suicide Prevention Center: (480) 784-1500 or (480) 784-1514 | 1232 E. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ
      A non-profit organization through the United Way, this is a 24-hour assistance hotline.
    • Website: Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) - Disability Links