Run With the Pack

  • At Compadre Academy our vision is to inspire empowered leaders who serve their communities.  To drive our school vision we have developed school-wide expectations. We believe that positively stated expectations paired with proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors fosters a positive school culture. A system of accountability and recognition motivates students to be their best and to encourage others as well. Our school expectations are well known to all and become a part of everything we do resulting in a culture of shared ownership where our motto of “Run with the P.A.C.K.” can be achieved.


    • Paying attention to surroundings
    • Attending school on-time, every day
    • Displaying school ID prominently


    • Keeping campus neat & tidy
    • Taking responsibility for words and actions
    • Take ownership of choices


    • Being respectful of self, others and property
    • Seeing something, saying something
    • Always do my best


    • Being mindful of self and others
    • Using positive and supportive language
    • Being helpful