Student Expectations

  • These policies are subject to change with the approval of the Governing board.  
    Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their parents, and the school.
    It is important students know that the school staff is legally responsible for the conduct of students during school hours, while the students are on campus or at any school function.
    Students are expected to follow directions provided by all staff members during these times of responsibility. 

Respect for the Rights of Others

  • Every right you have has an obligation attached.  Your rights must be balanced against the rights of others, and their rights must be balanced against yours.  The purpose of the school and the requirements of the educational process must be weighed in deciding who has a right to do what and what behavior needs to be corrected.  That is why our society has laws and why a school has rules.  However, if you are one of those students who wants to take full advantage of your rights and opportunities at this school, while at the same time respecting the rights of others, we at Compadre High School will support and help you.  Please see Compadre School Rules.

Responsibility for your own actions

  • You will be held responsible only for the things that you do or fail to do.  What others do or not do is of little importance in determining whether or not you have accepted your responsibility as a student and citizen of Compadre Academy.  If you choose to follow bad examples set by a few of the other students, you will be held responsible for your actions and your actions only.  Your first responsibility is to be prepared and to accept the consequences of your actions. 

Dress Code

  • It is the belief of the faculty and administration that school price, morale and image are influenced by the general appearance of our students.  Current styles not withstanding, the following guidelines are set forth:
    Students will be well groomed at school and all school activities (See Student Handbook).  Shoes will be worn at all times according to Arizona State Law. 
    What is inappropriate dress?
    Clothing which is marked or imprinted with obscene, vulgar, profane, racially or sexually suggestive messages, or which promote the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not appropriate dress for school. Clothing which for any reason is disruptive to the educational process is also inappropriate and parents may be called in to provide appropriate clothing.  Dress, jewelry and other accessories that present risk to the health, safety and general welfare of the students, or which express obscenities, immodestly expose the chest, abdomen, genital areas, legs or buttocks are prohibited.  Examples include, but are not limited to:  low cut or see-through tops, crop tops, off-the-shoulder and spaghetti-strap tops, pants that drag on the ground or that allow underwear or bare skin to show at the waist, clothing that allows undergarments to be exposed, spiked jewelry and/or wallet chains.
    Students who violate this policy will be asked to turn inappropriate shirts inside out.  T-shirts are available to students who dress immodestly. 

Electronic Equipment

  • No electronic devices are allowed on campus.  This includes pagers, phones, mp3 players, lasers and any other devices deemed disruptive by the administration.  In the event that a student is caught with this item, the guardian must pick it up from the school.  There are no exceptions.