Summer Education Academy

    Please check back for next year's 2018 schedule.

    What is Summer Education Academy?

    Tempe Union High School District’s Summer Education Academy, aimed at helping students in the District recover and/or gain credits toward graduation while engaging students during the summer months and preparing them for academic excellence during the traditional school year.
    The Summer Education Academy is open to any incoming ninth grade (freshman) through 12th grade (senior) student. Students may take one class per Summer Education Academy session and earn 1/2 credit for the class. In general, courses offered during Session I are equivalent to the first semester of the school year, and courses offered in Session II are equivalent to the second semester of the regular school year.

    SEA hosted by TBA 

    Session Dates

     Session 1  Session 2
    Classes are Monday through Friday from TBA

    Additional Information

    • Incoming Freshmen are only eligible to sign up for:
      Algebra 1-2, Art & Design, Chem-Physics Foundations, Computer Applications, Freshman English, Geometry, Physical Education 1-2, Spanish 1-2.
    • A $30.00 fee will be assessed to all refunds.
    • Snacks are available for purchase before school and during all breaks.
    • A student may only be absent TWO days per session. There are NO excused absences in Summer Education Academy.
    • Final exams will NOT be administered early by any teacher.
    • Community Service Hours for Health Classes:
      Students enrolled in Summer Education Academy Health Courses may use hours of service volunteered beginning January 1, 2017 and (10) hours are required. All hours are due no later than midnight on the final day of your enrolled session. Documentation from the supervisor of the community service should include dates and times of service and the supervisor's signature. Download the Community Service Volunteer Form pdf .
    • Transportation - Student drop-off & pick-up traffic flow will be posted - TBA.

Summer Education Academy Contacts