Student Council

  • Compadre Academy Student Council (STUCO) is the school's student governing body, comprised of elected student body officers.  We plan all student activities, dances, assemblies and guest speakers throughout the year.  Those willing to work hard, be creative, and motivate people are encouraged to run for office.  Because of our diverse personalities, teamwork is an important aspect.
    Throughout the school year, STUCO will be participating in many community service projects, such as Blood Drives, Food & Clothing Drives, Holiday Volunteer work, as well as working with local community organizations.  In cooperation with the Jobs for Arizona Graduates (JAG) club, the STUCO will be promoting a service learning mentality school wide.

    Student Government

    This course is designed to teach students leadership skills that are essential to their future. The students will practice communication skills with peers, adults, businesses and the community at large. They will develop organization, management and decision making skills, and incorporate the setting of SMART goals. Through small group and hands on interactions, they will facilitate successful cooperative group dynamics, roles and conflict resolution strategies. The students will learn and implement proper parliamentary procedures are observed in federal and local governments. They will develop a working calendar of school events and community service projects, focusing on the improvement of campus life and the collaborative relationships with their teachers and administrators. The students will leave the Student Government course with the knowledge and practice necessary to become future leaders in their community.