Science Department

  • The students within the Science Department at Mountain Pointe High School shall use critical thinking skills to solve problems, become environmentally responsible, and develop an awareness of Science Technologies. Our classes focus on the Scientific Method for problem solving. Every student is expected to be a valuable member of a team by working in a cooperative relationship within the lab and classroom.
    Students are expected to demonstrate upper level reasoning skills and be open-minded with opportunities that challenge them to ask why in laboratory activities. Students are expected to maintain a safe and orderly environment within the classroom and laboratory setting by properly organizing materials and equipment. Understanding Man's effect on the environment, developing an awareness of the interrelationships within our biosphere and how advances and dependence on Science technology effects and changes the world.

    The proper use of Scientific laboratory equipment and the Integration of computer technology within the Science program is an important goal at Mountain Pointe. We also try to make students aware of career opportunities and preparatory requirements within the Sciences.

Science Department Lead

  • Chandra Mitnik
    Department Lead
    (480) 759-8449 Ext. 50167

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