The Academy of Business, Family & Culinary Arts

  • Academy of Business and FACS Seal The Academy of Business, Family & Culinary Arts employs an experienced and dedicated staff. We offer students a wide range of business and life skills classes from introductory level to the use of advanced technology in our computer applications and multimedia classes to diverse academic and technological opportunities for students which emphasize critical thinking and decision making skills in such areas as wellness, human relations, parenting, and employability.

    Our two work experience programs are among the best in the state. We offer an Internship program to seniors who work 15-20 hours per week for pay and credit, in a supervised business environment. Our advanced marketing work experience program also offers 15 - 20 hours of work and pay each week, in a supervised environment where Marketing is emphasized. The Accounting program at Mountain Pointe, includes an Honors Advanced Accounting class where students earn a weighted grade and earn 6 hours of college credit. We are the only business department in the state to offer this opportunity in the Accounting area.

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