The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

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    It is the mission of The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts to offer to its students a rigorous and meaningful path for those who have an interest in the arts. Through a carefully selected course of study, students gain the knowledge to best prepare them for post-secondary advanced studies or for a more streamlined method to enter arts related occupations.

    The Academy is comprised of six unique discipline strands to facilitate a dedication to lifelong learning. These include: visual art, graphics and multimedia, instrumental music, vocal music, dance and theatre arts. Aesthetic perspective, creative expression, culture and history, analysis and criticism are the unifying elements within each discipline. By the same token, students will select the area of discipline that appeals to them and as they continue through the program burgeoning skills will become self-evident. Through this journey of self-discovery, students will apply real-life problem-solving skills to the cross-curricular courses they encounter. It is through this vision we establish purpose, instill pride and empower performance in the arts.

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