Sports and Wellness Academy

  • Whams This academy ties in with both school and district goals which aim to promote Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship building amongst students. Not only will the students participating in this academy gain a solid foundation in the sciences relevant to a possible future career, but they will also be working intimately with the surrounding community in a variety of INTERNSHIP opportunities. Upon completion of one of the Sports & Wellness pathways, the student will:

    • Be recognized at graduation by being listed in the program and being asked to stand during the ceremony
    • Receive an honorary certificate of distinction in addition to his or her diploma
    • Receive Honors Diploma or Diploma of Distinction depending on overall GPA at time of graduation
    • Be a competitive applicant to a four year post-secondary institution
    Sports & Wellness Academy meetings will be held during ac-lab on the Last Wednesday of the following months:
    8/23 - 9/20 - 10/18 - 11/15 - 12/6- 1/24 - 2/21 - 3/21 - 4/18 - 5/9

Sports and Wellness Pathways

  • There are three pathways offered through the Sports & Wellness Academy. Students will have the opportunity to travel down one of the 3 pathways throughout their years at Mountain Pointe, depending on their career aspirations following graduation.

    The first is the Health and Medical Professions Pathway which may be for students whose focus is on becoming a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, physical therapist, massage therapist, veterinarian, athletic trainer or dentist.
    The second is the Sports Communication Pathway and has a progression of classes for those students who have a passion for covering sporting events.
    The final pathway is the Sports Performance & Training Pathway. This would be ideal for a range of individuals from those who might want to be a personal trainer to others who may simply be looking to gain insight on how to partake in a healthy lifestyle.

    Academy co-chairs

    Andrea Fazz - Physical Education Department Chair
    Claudia Costin, BS, LAT, ATC - Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine 1-2, 3-4, & 5-6