Tempe Union Online Registration

  • Registration for all 1st Quarter classes ends
    Friday, August 14, 2020.

    • If you are interested in registered in Tempe Union Online as a Full-Time student please contact us at TUOL@TempeUnion.org.
    • If you are a full-time student at another Tempe Union school but would like to take an online class in addition to your in-person full-time schedule, please see your counselor.

Tempe Union Online

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    • FULL-TIME - Students take 6 classes online each semester (3 each 9 weeks)
    • Our TUOL courses are NCAA approved
    • Students will work in online courses taught by Tempe Union teachers, and aligned to state and district curriculum standards
    • Students interact daily with online teachers
    • Students may attend online labs as needed (scheduled) at their home schools where students can get in-person help from online teachers and/or access technology if needed
    • Tempe Union Online Learning teachers will have daily office hours where students can get additional 1:1 online assistance
    • Tempe Union Online Learning courses are taught by qualified Tempe Union teachers
    • Students take final exams in online labs at home school (scheduled)
    • Students may participate in extracurricular activities at home schools as available
    • Social and emotional support for all students
    • Courses are Tempe Union courses as they have been reviewed and edited by Tempe Union teachers to ensure they align to state and district curriculum standards
    • Click here for more information on the health and safety of returning to school at Tempe Union High Schools

Tempe Union Online Courses




  • MATH




  • Credit Recovery

Tempe Union Online FAQ

  • What will a typical day of Tempe Union Online school look like?

  • If students start the school year with Tempe Union Online, can they switch models should the COVID19 situation improve?

  • What platform will be used for Tempe Union Online?

  • Will there be an enrollment cap?

  • What are class ratio sizes for Tempe Union Online?

  • Will Tempe Union Online offer gifted/advanced courses?

  • Do Tempe Union Online teachers have special training?

  • My child is a SPED student. Can they enroll in the online model?

  • Will textbooks and other print materials be provided? For free or at cost?

  • What support will students receive in Tempe Union Online?

  • What courses will be offered in Tempe Union Online?

  • If a student chooses the online model, will they be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities or athletics?

  • Who will be teaching the Tempe Union Online offered classes?

  • Will a freshman orientation occur this year for online students?

  • How will schools address the social and emotional support for students who choose Tempe Union Online?

  • Will I lose my open enrollment status if I select to take classes through Tempe Union Online?

Tempe Union Online Contacts

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    For more information contact the Admin Assistant at 480-839-0292 ext 12016, or email your questions to TUOL@TempeUnion.org.

    Dr. Stephaine Frimer
    480-839-0292 x12071
    Jayme Sanchez
    Administrative Assistant
    (480) 839-0292 x12016
    Technical Support