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    Tempe Union will provide full and part-time online learning through Tempe Union Online. Course offerings will be aligned with the quarter system to mirror the in-person “brick & mortar” educational structure. Tempe Union Online is the exclusive online learning option available to our families. The learner will have access to an online TUHSD teacher.  All TUO students must be Arizona residents, and may only access their online curriculum within the boundaries of the United States.

Welcome to Tempe Union Online!

  • Welcome to Tempe Union Online (TUO)

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TUO Student Expectations | S*M*A*R*T

  • Start - Students have 10 school days to start the class after enrollment

    Master - The content of your course/s

    Attend - Attendance minutes tracked in TEd - 270 minutes (4.5 hours) per class, per week, TUHSD attendance policy applies

    Resilience - To finish all courses within the semester time frame

    Test - Pass the in-person final exam with a 60% or higher (unless higher score is noted in course syllabus)

Student & Parent – Expectations & Responsibilities - Statement of Awareness

  • TUO Student Responsibilities:

    • Students must comply with all policies and expectations in both the Tempe Union High School District Handbook and the TUHSD Technology Use Agreement.
    • Upon registering for their first online class for the year, students must complete an online orientation in both the Canvas course and the TEd platform. 
    • Part-time students who do not begin their course within 10 school-days may have the course removed from their schedule.
    • Full-time students with 10 consecutive school days of non-attendance in all courses may be withdrawn from Tempe Union Online.
    • Students who do not complete their course by the end of the semester will be given a grade of either “F” or “I”.

    TUO Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    • Student Instructional Minutes - Attendance minutes are tracked in TEd - 270 minutes (4.5 hours) per class, per week. Students need to be logged into the TEd course ANY time they are working on a class, even if the content is not in TEd.  Examples: writing a paper, working on a project, meeting with a teacher, submitting assignments in Canvas, completing PE activity log.
    • Monitor Student Progress - Once a week, make sure your student is making adequate progress by logging into the TEd portal to review your student’s progress report.
    • Set High Expectations - Setting and achieving daily goals helps keep students motivated and determined to succeed.
    • Ensure Adequate Work Time - Make sure your student has scheduled enough time each week to complete daily assignments at a reasonable pace.

    Full-Time TUO Attendance Procedure:

    Minimum minute goal:

    270 minutes = 4.5 hours per course per week = full time attendance
    Always log into TEd while completing coursework, even if the assignment or project is housed in a different program. TEd will track the total minutes spent working on a class ONLY if you are logged in. You must keep the program running in the background to track minutes appropriately.

    If you need to add minutes because you forgot to log in or it was not possible to log in at the time you must send an email, and cc your parent/guardian, to TUOAttendance@tempeunion.org for verification. We will update your minutes in Synergy. This will need to be done on or before Monday of the week directly following to accurately reflect the attendance for the week prior.

    Students will be dropped from classes for non-attendance. 10 school days, or 2 weeks, without activity in a course will constitute being dropped from that course. Any extenuating circumstances should be communicated by your parent/guardian to your teacher, Ms. Salazar ssalazar@tempeunion.org (TUO counselor), and TUOAttendance@tempeunion.org.

    NCAA Eligibility:  

    Tempe Union Online classes are approved for NCAA initial-eligibility for all TUHSD student-athletes.  This applies to all full-length (not Credit Recovery) TUHSD core courses, per the TUHSD Course Catalog, taken through Tempe Union Online.

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