Technical Theatre Program

  • Program description:
    Technical Theater - students back stage set designing In Technical Theatre we work behind the scenes on real plays and musical performances. Students explore scenery, costumes, props, lighting, audio, and rigging in a hands-on work environment. This is a two-year program which aims to equip students with the knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competencies required in Technical Theatre Fields. 

    The sequence of courses:

    • Year 1 – Technical Theatre 1-2
    • Year 2 – Technical Theatre 3-4

    Optional courses beyond sequence:

    • Technical Theatre 5-6
    • Honors Technical Theatre Exploration and Performance 5–6, 7–8
    • Technical Theatre 7-8

    Technical Theater - Students on stage - choreograph dancing CTSO: International Thespian Society

    Industry certification:
    OSHA 10 Card In Construction

    Related careers: Stage Manager, Technical Director, Costume Crew/Designer, Set Construction/Designer, Audio-Visual Technician/Designer, Lighting Technician/Designer, Carpenter, Stage Crew, Draper, Electrician, Special Effects Technician, Property Crew/Designer

    Post-Secondary pathways: Associate’s Degree; Bachelor of Arts Degree; Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree; Master of Arts Degree, Master of Fine Arts

    Technical Theatre program contact:
    Rachel Rosen, Program Lead (CdS)