Welcome to MHS Activities Office

  • The Activities Office provides many opportunities for students at McClintock. These opportunities range from Student Council, performing arts and class & club activities. We encourage students to get involved outside of the school day, to meet others and make high school an enjoyable experience. The underlying reasons include the responsibility they will learn, the collaborative abilities they will forge, the leadership capacity they will cultivate, and the development of time management skills, and so much more! 

    As a student at McClintock, we welcome you to get to know the school fight song and challenge you to wear the school colors to all home sporting events to show your Charger spirit. At football games, you can hear the crowd cheering loudly, the band proudly playing the school song, and the football team fighting for victory. 

    Students, come join us at school dances - check the calendar for the dates, and be sure to bring your student ID. What better place to be with your friends who have the same interests! We hope that each student will find something that is of interest to them or spark their interest to start a new club. So, come join the fun, get involved and boost school spirit as you show them what it means to charge forward with purpose, excellence, and tradition!

MHS Activities Contact

  • Erik Lutz
    Assistant Principal, Activities
    (480) 752-8627
    Erica Cota
    Administrative Assistant, Activities
    (480) 752-8647

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