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 Beth Marcotte, RN, BSN

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Beth Marcotte, RN, BSN

The school health program is designed to give first aid and limited medical care for injuries and illnesses that occur primarily during school hours.  In addition to providing care, school nurses perform health screenings and provide support for students with special needs. Education and wellness promotion is a major focus of our program.  Please remember that the Nurse’s Office is not a primary care facility. School nurses cannot diagnose, prescribe treatment, or give medications without a doctor's order.

Students who become ill or injured in school should report to the Health Office with a pass from their teacher. Only students with emergencies will be admitted without a pass.

The school nurse or designated staff MUST contact a parent/guardian before an ill student is sent home. Your students should not be calling you for this reason.  If a student calls you and states they are ill, please refer them to the Nurse’s Office.



MHS Medication Reminders


    Per District Policy, students are NOT permitted to carry the medicine of any kind during the school day. There are 3 exceptions: Asthma, Diabetes, and Anaphylactic Allergy. Students who need medication during the school day should bring the medication into the Nurse’s Office in their original prescription bottle. They must also have a medication release form completed and signed by their parents. Also, over-the-counter medications are not provided by the nurse without the completed medical release form and medication provided in its original, unopened container by the parents. Please refer to the “Medication” section for more information.


    If you receive a letter in the mail regarding immunizations, PLEASE take the time to read it and follow through with whatever is needed. State law mandates what immunizations are required for a student to attend school. Every student MUST be current! Please refer to the “Immunization” section for more information.

    DONATIONS in the Nurse’s Office are always appreciated. Frequently used items include:

    • Water bottles
    • Lysol wipes
    • Saltine Crackers
    • Granola Bars
    • Kleenex boxes
    • Snack-size baggies

    I look forward to getting to know and caring for your students. Please feel free to contact me in the Nurse’s Office for any questions or concerns.

    Beth Marcotte, RN, BSN
    Phone: (480) 752-8670 Fax: (480) 752-8699

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