Welcome to Compadre Academy

  • Vision

    We inspire empowered leaders who serve their communities. 


    We commit to developing successful learners who demonstrate continuous personal, academic and professional growth.

Who We Are

  • Compadre Academy has been educating students in a personalized learning environment since 1997. Our campus is a small community of students who feel that a traditional, comprehensive high school campus is not the best fit for their educational goals.

Here For You

  • We specialize in meeting the individual needs of students. We believe that all students have the power to grow academically and personally. As a staff at Compadre, we believe we can help every one of our students improve and reach their goals. All students throughout the Valley of the Sun are welcome to join our Compadre family. 

    We offer unique opportunities not founds at traditional comprehensive high schools:

    • Personalized graduation plan
    • Flexible daily schedule
    • Reduced class sizes
    • Smaller campus
    • One-to-one technology in every classroom
    • Non-traditional delivery of curriculum
    • Mentorships/Internships