Welcome to Compadre Academy

  • At Compadre, we are focused on empowering all students for success in college, career and life. We specialize in meeting the individual needs of students. Our ability to provide a blended learning environment, allows students to create a personalized education experience that best fits their academic goals. All students throughout the Valley of the Sun are welcome on our campus and we offer unique opportunities not found at traditional high schools:

    • Reduced class-sizes
    • Smaller student body
    • One to one technology in every classroom
    • Ability to earn nine (9) credits per school year versus six (6) credits
    • Non-traditional delivery of curriculum

    Our mission is to equip young adults with the knowledge and skills essential to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life.  We build strong, lasting relationships with:

    • Students
    • Parents
    • Staff
    • Community

    Research shows programs alone will not make our students successful; relationship building along with our quality program will change lives. Building caring relationships, holding high expectations and providing an alternative curriculum allows all students for future success in education and in life.

    Compadre is the "school of choice" for any student who feels they do not fit in the traditional high school setting and/or feels that an alternative education is better for them to meet their goals.  We service a spectrum of students at Compadre, from those that want to get ahead and graduate early, to those who may be credit deficient and want to catch back up.

    Through a unique partnership with ASU Preparatory Academy, 9th and 10th graders now have access to personalized, university embedded, academic programs that empower students to complete college and excel in a global society.

    We welcome you to become a member of the Compadre family.