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Mrs. Virginia Walker, LPN

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Mrs. Virginia Walker, LPN

The Mountain Pointe health office is staffed by a full-time Registered nurse, Virginia Walker.

  • Please read the Medication Guideline Policy here.


    Per district policy, students are NOT permitted to carry medicine of any kind during the school day. There are 3 exceptions and they are as follows.
    One question that I get asked on a daily basis is about taking medicine at school. Per district policy, students are NOT permitted to carry medicine of any kind at school. There are 3 exceptions and they are as follows:
    • ASTHMA - if the doctor has said that they need to carry an inhaler, please complete the asthma care plan and inhaler form and return to the nurse.
    • DIABETES - These students may carry their meters, insulin and supplies. Please check with the nurse, and/or print forms from website to submit to the nurse. 
    • ANAPHYLACTIC ALLERGY - Please complete appropriate paperwork for the nurse in order for the student to carry an Epipen. Many of these students also require Benadryl. Benadryl needs to be brought to the nurse in the original, sealed package with a med permit form. Most of these students also keep an Epipen in the Health office.
    If your student can take medicine at home, please have them do so. If absolutely necessary to take medicine during the school day, the parent MUST bring the prescribed/desired medicine to the nurse in its original, sealed container, and complete a medication permission form. Students may NOT carry the medication to the nurse. This applied to over-the-counter medicine as well as prescription medicine.
    Note that these forms are available to be downloaded below, or may be obtained from the Health Office. 
    ALSO: If you receive a letter in the mail regarding immunizations, PLEASE take the time to read it and follow through with whatever is needed. State law mandates what immunizations are required for a student to attend school. Every student MUST be current!
    DONATIONS in the health office are always appreciated. Frequently used items include:
    • guys and girls t-shirts and shorts/pants
    • water bottles
    • Lysol wipes
    • Saltine crackers
    • Snack size baggies
    • granola bars (no Nuts)
    • juice pouches/boxes

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