Academic Integrity

  • Each student has an obligation to think and act with honesty and integrity and respect the wishes of teachers and others in carrying out all academic work. Academic integrity encompasses any academic project, paper, performance, quiz, exam or any other work assigned by a teacher for a grade or credit (including optional credit). The following definitions are all forms of academic dishonesty that will not be tolerated:
    • Academic Dishonesty/Cheating – Using or attempting to use unauthorized materials or technology, unauthorized group work, information or study aids in any academic exercise or assignment. This encompasses both a person who knowingly or willingly gives or receives information or assistance on any school work.
    • Fabrication – involves the falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic
    • exercise or assignment.
    • Forging – a person who copies or forges the signature of another
    • Lying – a person who purposely misrepresents the truth or lies
    • Plagiarism – refers to using another’s words, ideas, materials or work without acknowledging
    • and documenting the source. Students are responsible for knowing the rules governing the use of another’s work, and for acknowledging and documenting the source appropriately.
    • Stealing – a person who takes another’s property without permission
    Violations of the Mountain Pointe Academic Integrity policies will result in disciplinary consequences.
    The first offense results in a zero on test/work with the possibility of additional disciplinary
    consequences. The second offense, in that class or any other class over the four years, may result in withdrawal from the class with an “F”.

    Academic Excellence

    Academic Letters

    In keeping with our goal of academic excellence, Mountain Pointe High School awards letters to those students who have achieved the highest levels of academic achievement. The letters are awarded in the spring of each year. Students who qualify for the academic letter in more than one year will receive the class emblem to wear in addition to their letter. The following criteria will be used:
    Seniors.........................An accumulative GPA of 3.7 / 168* after 7 semesters
    Juniors..........................An accumulative GPA of 3.8 / 120* after 5 semesters
    Sophomores...............An accumulative GPA of 3.9 / 72* after 3 semesters
    Freshmen....................An accumulative GPA of 4.0 / 24* after 1 semester
    * weighted official rank points but NOT weighted GPA

    Honor Roll

    Mountain Pointe will announce in their upcoming newsletters students who achieve Honor Roll status at the end of the first and second semester grading periods. Honor Roll recognizes all students who complete their classes with A’s and B’s. Students who earn all A’s will be listed on the Principal’s Honor Roll for their academic excellence.