CdS Student Parking Instructions and Online Form

  • 1. Parking registration is open to all incoming seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Sophomores may purchase permits in the LDS lot only. Please fill out the form completely and submit - no need to print. Register your car and add your driver's license/insurance information. The online registration will be your priority time stamp.


    2.Please READ these 2018-2019 CdS Parking Rules and Regulations PDF form, sign it and have your parent/guardian sign, as well. If you are purchasing a carpool spot, please list the other riders in your car (must have 2 or more riding with you).


    3. After you have registered your car/information online, take the signed form to the bookstore to make the payment. Then bring your signed rules form with the receipt to the Principal's assistant in the front office. Parking permits will be handed out during Book Distribution.



    Please read the above PDF carefully or download to your desktop! This information provides details on how to register online (below form) and how to pay for a parking permit.