Student Code of Conduct

  • Tempe High Appearance Code 

    Tempe High School requires that the clothing and grooming exhibited by students at school meet the standards of a secondary school environment. Student appearance shall not disrupt the educational processor endanger student health or safety. The Tempe High School student handbook has a detailed description of the Tempe High dress code and all students and parents should review it thoroughly.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Students are prohibited from wearing or possessing on campus any attire or grooming deemed to disrupt the educational process. Examples include, but are not limited to hats, memory shirts, bandannas, hairnets, scarves, do-rags, slippers, pajamas, boxers, wide shoelaces, and neck or belt chains. This includes the wearing of and/or possession of any such garments.
    • Immodest or revealing clothing is not allowed. Examples include but are not limited to: spaghetti straps, see-through clothing, halter tops (a shirt that ties at the neck and does not have shoulders), crop tops (a shirt that exposes the midriff area), off the shoulder tops, revealing necklines or other clothes that expose the torso. Dresses, skirts, or shorts will be of modest length and style. Attire or accessories that advertise, display or promote any drug, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, obscenities, disrespect or bigotry are not allowed.
    • Pants must fit appropriately with NO sagging that exposes undergarments.

    Use of Electronic Devices

    Due to increased interruptions and reported thefts, Cell Phones will be the ONLY device students are allowed to have on campus. Cell phones must be turned off and kept out of sight (except before school, during lunch time, and after school). Cell Phones may not be seen or used during class time and passing periods. 'Use' is interpreted as using (or visibly showing) cell phones, not just the sending or receiving of calls. IPods/headphones and electronic/digital devices are unnecessary to our educational process, deemed potentially disruptive, and will not be allowed on campus.