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Aztec Incentive Reward Program - FAQ

  • Q: What is the Aztec Incentive Reward Program?

  • Q: What are the rewards?

  • Q: If I qualify, when and where do I redeem my Aztec Incentive Reward?

  • Q: What if I wasn’t a student at Corona last year? Can I qualify for a reward?

  • Q: Aren’t you penalizing students who are new to Corona?

  • Q: Are there any rewards for freshmen?

  • Q: I am in higher level math, and I did not take the AzMERIT Math test, so do I have to get a 3 (Proficient) or 4 (Highly Proficient) on AzMERIT ELA to qualify?

  • Q: What if I only have the AzMERIT ELA score in Group A, and I didn’t earn a 3 (Proficient) or 4 (Highly Proficient) on it? Can I use two scores from Group B?

  • Q: My child receives special education services. How can he qualify for a reward?

  • Q: My student’s scores did not qualify him; however, he is on a 504 plan. What accommodations have been made for students with 504 plans?

  • Q: I am only one point away from getting a 3 (Proficient) on my AzMERIT ELA. Does that count?

  • Q: I enrolled at Corona in January last year and took the AzMERIT tests last April. I got a 3 on my AzMERIT ELA test in Group A, but I do not have any qualifying test scores in Group B. Do I qualify for a reward?

  • Q: I am a junior. Can I use my AIMS Science score from my freshman year?

  • Q: I’m a junior. I thought we could use our Civics Test score as a qualifying score, but it isn’t listed on the 2019-20 Aztec Incentive Information document. Does the Civics Test count this year?

  • Q: Can I switch my reward option if I decide I don’t want what I originally chose? Like if I chose Prom tickets, but I now want an off-campus ID as a junior, can I?

  • Q: I actually have four scores that qualify me for an Aztec Incentive Reward. Since I have twice as many scores as I need to qualify, can I get two rewards?

  • Q: If I earn a reward, but do not want it, can I give it to someone else?

  • Q: I am really busy and just can’t find the time to come into the Library to redeem my reward. Can I send you my agreement form and copies of my test scores via email or fax?

  • Q: Can my parent (brother, sister, friend) come in and get my Aztec Incentive Reward for me?

  • Q: If we need to get the Off-campus Authorization form notarized for juniors who qualify for the Off-Campus ID, will there be a notary on site who can do that?

  • Q: My last class is 4th hour, so after school for me is after 4th hour; can I come in and get my Aztec Incentive reward?

  • Q: Can I redeem my reward before school?

  • Q: I am a junior, but I would like to get the yearbook option. Can I?

  • Q: I already purchased a senior jersey, but since I qualify for the Aztec Incentive Reward, can I get a refund?

  • Q: I already purchased a yearbook but since I qualify for the Aztec Incentive Reward, can I get a refund?

  • Q: My parents said that they will only let me have an off-campus ID after they have seen my first quarter grades, but the redemption period ends on October 4th (the last day of the first quarter). How can I make this work?