Attendance, Dress Code & Cell Phone Policies

  • Attendance

    Only parents or legal guardians may call the Attendance Line. Please speak clearly, spell the last name of the student, and give the student’s ID number. For your convenience, please call the Attendance Line if:

    1. A student must leave school early. Dial the attendance line, 480-706-7906, and press 1 to request an Off-Campus Pass for a student. Please state if the student is being picked up and by whom or if the student will be leaving campus by themselves. 
      THEY MUST SIGN OUT IN THE FRONT OFFICE PRIOR TO LEAVING CAMPUS TO BE EXCUSED! Calls must be received on the same day the student is leaving campus.
    2. A student will arrive late to school. Dial the attendance number before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the absence. Press Option 2 for a freshman or sophomore & Option 3 for a junior or senior.
    3. A student will be absent from school. Please call within 24 hours of the absences to excuse the absence (For example, if son or daughter is absent on a Wednesday, we need a call by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday). Press Option 2 for a freshman or sophomore & Option 3 for a junior or senior. 
    4. You have a question or concern regarding attendance. Please press 0 for assistance. Notes regarding an absence are not accepted.

    Excessive absences, (11 or more) excused or unexcused, may result in a loss of credit per class per semester.  Eleven absences in four or more classes may result in the student being withdrawn from school.

    Desert Vista has implemented an automated calling system. If your child is marked absent in one or more classes, you will receive an automated phone call. If your child was absent, please call the appropriate attendance line option. If you think your child was marked absent in error, please have the student check with his/her teacher the following day.

    Desert Vista is a closed campus. Students will not be released during their lunch hour unless picked up by parents or legal guardians. Please come in and sign the student out. Students are not to be picked up curbside.

    Parents going out-of-town and leaving student(s) in the care of a designated adult must provide the attendance office with a notarized statement of the caretaker’s name and telephone numbers.

    A dress code at Desert Vista has been established to promote a positive school environment. We want to provide the freedom for students to express themselves within the set of parameters listed below.
    • Attire or accessories, which advertise, display and/or promote any drug, alcohol or tobacco; sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or bigotry towards any group or person are not allowed.
    • Dress, jewelry, and other accessories that present risk to the health, safety, and general welfare of the students, or which express obscenities, immodestly expose the chest, abdomen, legs or buttocks are prohibited. (No BBBB (breasts, bellies, backs or butts). Spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, razor back or dresses without over-the-shoulder straps are not acceptable forms of attire. Low cut or see-through shirts, underwear worn as outerwear, tube tops, halter tops, tops that are low-cut, pants must be pulled to hip level and secured tightly to ensure that undergarments are not exposed and that pants are not dragging on the ground, cut-offs, muscle tee’s, spiked jewelry and/or wallet chains are examples of clothing which are not permitted to be worn at school.
    • Shoes must be worn. House slippers or shoes with soles similar are deemed unsafe and not school appropriate.
    • Sunglasses and hats may not be worn in the classroom.
    • Pajamas are prohibited.
    • No bandanas or doo rags are allowed at school or school activities.

    On campus, the faculty, staff, and administration have the responsibility to interpret and enforce this policy. The administration retains the final discretion to determine that the garment or accessory meets the dress code. Dress code policies will be displayed on and around campus.

    Any student violating this policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, warning, parent conference, in-school suspension, short-term suspension or long-term suspension. In addition, the student will remove the garment or accessory and replace it with an appropriate alternative provided by the school, the student, or the parent, depending upon the circumstances.


    It is our intent to minimize distractions during instruction that can be caused by irresponsible use of cell phones and other electronic devices. Use of cell phones and other electronic devices during instructional periods are not allowed unless authorized by the teacher. Students using their phones or other electronic devices without authorization may have the device confiscated by staff or security personnel.

    Phone or electronic device will be available for parent pickup only, unless otherwise authorized by a staff member. If students do not follow school policies, they will be considered to be insubordinate and appropriate discipline will result. Students are encouraged not to bring unnecessary personal electronic or digital music devices on campus. Lost or stolen cell phones or electronic devices are the responsibility of the student. Desert Vista is not responsible for stolen or missing equipment

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