• Earn an Associate in Arts (AA) or Arizona General Education Certificate (AGEC A) at Desert Vista.

    Rio Salado dual enrollment allows students the opportunity to earn college credit for specific college-level courses taught at Desert Vista during regular school hours.  Seniors, juniors, qualified sophomores and freshmen taking dual enrollment classes are eligible to enroll.


    2016-2018 Rio Salado Registration Information

    Flier Information:

    • Students will receive registration fliers from their teachers during the first few weeks of school. There is a new registration process this year.
    • New students need to start with step #1. Returning Rio students need to start with Step #3
    • All students need to submit the Financial Responsibility Consent Form online. After it has been submitted it will take 3-5 days for Rio Salado to process.  In the meantime, there will be a “HOLD” on your account.  After the “hold”, you will be able to add the courses and pay for the classes online.
    • If your student has not successfully registered for their dual enrollment classes, the Rio Salado team will be on campus August 29th and 30th in the library. There dual enrollment teachers will be sending students with questions and concerns regarding their account.



    • Jake Hall, Rio Salado Dual Enrollment Coordinator, be back on Tuesdays 9/5 & 9/12 and Thursdays 9/7 & 9/14 during both lunches to help our students complete registration.


    • Please see following information from RIO for most common problems encountered during online registration:

    There can be a few reasons why they cannot enroll. The most common that is that the students and parents have not completed the Financial Responsibility and Consent Form; this will block enrollment until the form is complete. 


    It is also possible that the prerequisite has not been satisfied or the prerequisite is one of the dual-only prerequisites that our student information system does not recognize; we would know that this is the case if the student entered the class information and received a red X with the following message:


    For resolution of either of these issues, the students (not the parents) can call 480-384-9995 or 480-517-8080


    Parents cannot call because of FERPA unless the student designates his or her parent as someone who may have access to his or her college record by completing the following:

    • FERPA & College Records
      The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. Rio Salado College complies with these requirements. 

      To authorize the release of your educational records please download and complete the Student Information Release Authorization form and fax to (480) 377-4780. Please allow 3-5 business for processing. Download Release Form (PDF)

DV Dual Enrollment Flyer

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.

DV Dual Enrollment Contact & Resources

  • Desert Vista - Rio Liaisons 2016-17:
    Desert Vista Counseling Department  
    Registration contact:
    For advisement (class choices, degrees, etc.):
    Students will see their assigned counselor.

    Counseling Office
    Phone: (480) 706-7944

    Rio Salado Dual Enrollment Department: (480) 517-8080

    Cashier's Office:
    Phone: (480) 517-8334
    Fax: (480) 517-8359


    Financial Aid Dept: 
    Cindy Hall
    Phone: (480) 517-8311
    Joshua Watson
    Phone: (480) 517-8322

    Desert Vista Course List: 
    Click on the link above to see which classes are offered for dual enrollment.

    Registration Link:
    Rio's dual enrollment is a combination of online and paper. You will input demographic data and select courses online. When you are done, print, sign, attach payment info and Prop 300 residency documentation. Students who have already taken a course and received dual credit do not need to enter all the demographic information or attach the Prop 300 residency documentation.

    Placement Testing Link: 
    All first time math students, students taking ENG101, and freshmen/sophomores who have not taken the 10th grade AIMS Reading or the PSAT must take a placement test.