Dual Enrollment

  • If you have any questions, please contact your school's Dual Enrollment counselor.

TUHSD Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment courses
    allow high school students the ability to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. 

    But that's not the only benefit to dual enrollment:
    • Easy transfer to many universities
    • Save money
    • Finish college faster
    • Eliminate duplication of coursework during the early years of college
    • Teachers are dual enrollment certified 

    Additional Dual Enrollment Resources


    www.aztransfer.com AZTransfer is a statewide collaboration that helps students navigate their higher education options within Arizona.
    AZTransfer provides high school students with a step-by-step guide, dual enrollment courses, pick a university, and Major Guides.

Dual Enrollment School Site Links & Contacts:

  • Corona del Sol:
    Leah Fleming
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Dawn Schmidt
    Dual Enrollment Counselor

    Helen Hale
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Karen Hinds
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Mickey Krebs
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Amie Hickel
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Phone (480) 706-7944

    Debbie Martinez
    Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Phone (480) 838-3200 ext. 40134

    McClintock High:
    Melinda Cornado
    Guidance, Department Chair | Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Phone (480) 839-4222 ext. 60135

    Brandy Walker
    Librarian | Rio Salado Liaison
    Phone (480) 759-8449 ext. 50150

    Angela Marques
    Jr./Sr. Counselor | Department Chair | Dual Enrollment Counselor
    Phone (480) 967-1661 ext. 20134