Tempe Union Online

  • The Tempe Union High School District’s Tempe Union Online (TUOL) program offers students online learning opportunities to provide flexibility for personalized student success. Students work with their teacher in a virtual online environment to study and complete all coursework at their own pace in an asynchronous learning environment.

    TUOL students receive one-on-one instructional support and tutoring from highly qualified, certified teachers. Students also have access to Online Learning Labs at every Tempe Union campus where computers are available for student use in a supervised classroom lab setting. Final exams for all courses must be taken in person at a designated district location and will be proctored by district assigned staff. All courses are aligned to the Arizona Standards and curriculum standards of the District.

Types of Courses Offered

  • Initial Credit Courses

  • NCAA Approved Initial Credit Courses

  • Credit Recovery Courses

Courses Offered

  • English

  • Math

  • Social Studies

  • Electives

Enrollment Procedures

  • To register for a Tempe Union Online, (TUOL) course:

    • Complete and submit a signed Registration Form to the guidance counselor. The parent and counselor must sign the registration form.
    • Pay for the course at the home school's bookstore (if applicable).
    • Complete and sign the Tempe Union Online, (TUOL) Statement of Awareness.
    • Complete the TUOL Full Time Equivalency Form.
    • Complete the TUOL NCAA Guidelines (if applicable).
    • Complete the TUOL Online Orientation (preferably with a parent).

    Tuition and Fees

    There is no tuition charged for online courses taken as a part of the regular course load (part of a student's 6-period day). The following tuition is applicable for students taking online courses outside of the regular school day and for out-of-district students who are not enrolled in a Tempe Union High School.

    • $175 per HALF credit course.
    • $30 fee on all refunds.
    • Students may apply for tuition assistance from our Student Assistance Fund. The school counselor will assist by completing the Student Assistance Form. All requests must be approved by the school’s APA.

Tempe Union Online Contacts

  • Tempe Union Online Logo - Engaging, Self-Paced, Flexible
    Dr. Stephaine Frimer
    TUOL Coordinator
    (480) 839-0292 ext.12071
    Jessica Portillo
    TUOL Administrative Assistant
    (480) 839-0292 x12016