Welcome to TUHSD Special Education

  • Welcome to the Tempe Union High School District Special Education Department. Our goal is to ensure students with disabilities are given every opportunity to access a free and appropriate education. We believe in supporting a culture of high expectations to promote excellence for the future of our students.

    A team of highly qualified professionals, families, and students collaborate to make individual educational decisions through the IEP process. We believe that everyone brings a valuable perspective that deserves representation when developing and implementing best practices. It is our intent to provide an equitable education that fosters student assets by highlighting successes. Addressing gaps is done through comprehensive evaluations and data review so the necessary specialized instruction can take place. The education of your child, through access to appropriate programs and services, is our highest priority.

    We are excited to bring more events to students and their families so that they have access to community and state resources as students get ready for that next step after graduation. This year we will continue our Positive Outcomes Transition Series (P.O.T.S.) giving families direct interactive access to state and local resources. Keep an eye out for email updates on these events. We are also starting our quarterly newsletter geared towards students and families to share what is going on in our Department, connect you to local services, and share resources we hope you will find helpful outside of school. Families will also have the opportunity to ask questions of our Special Education Department.

    We genuinely care about the health, safety, and education of your student and encourage you to contact your child’s Case Manager or the school site’s Student Services Coordinator (SSC) if you have any questions or concerns regarding the individual needs of your student. If you need to reach me or my team at the District Office, please contact Rene Delgado at cdelgado@tempeunion.org or 480-345-3706.

    Dr. Sarah Boyle
    Director of Special Education
    Section 504 Coordinator
    Tempe Union High School District

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    For more information, visit TempeUnion.org/WorkatTUHSD.

Special Education Contacts

  • Dr. Sarah Boyle
    Director of Special Education
    Section 504 Coordinator
    (480) 839-0292 x12032
    Heidi Sinkovic
    Assistant Director of Special Education
    (480) 839-0292 x12034
    Jesus Contreras
    Data and Compliance Analyst
    (480) 839-0292 x12033
    Chalene Baxter
    Instructional Compliance Coordinator
    (480) 839-0292 x12038
    Carmen "Rene" Delgado
    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education
    (480) 839-0292 x12031
    Doug Prentice
    Transition from School to Work Coordinator (Success University)
    (480) 839-0292 x12035

    District Office Special Education Department Fax: 
    (480) 345-3775

Student Services Coordinators Contacts

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