Welcome to TUHSD Special Education

  • We miss you AND seeing your student in person every day!
    We cannot wait until we all get to see each other in person again!

    As we all know, school walls do not define learning! As the parent and/or guardian of a student with an IEP, you see firsthand the countless teachable moments that we collaborate on with you every day for your student. Please be assured that will continue, regardless of where your student’s learning is taking place in the coming weeks.

    The beginning of the 2020-2021 school year is quickly approaching! ALL students in TUHSD will have two different options to access their free appropriate public education, regardless of if they have an IEP or not. Our current Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs) for ALL students are available below and will be updated on a daily basis as information becomes available. Please always remember that students with IEPs are general education students in our District first. All of the decisions we make as a District for your student begin with that in mind.

    I know that your student also has individualized needs and we are here to listen and continue to collaborate with you on meeting their needs. You have very specific questions regarding the reopening of the school year because of your student’s IEP and their individualized needs. Because we want to address all of your questions and concerns on a timely basis, we have created FAQs for YOU, the parent/guardian of a student with an IEP in our District.

    Please email your special education-related questions to Ms. Rene Delgado, my Administrative Assistant at cdelgado@tempeunion.org. Ms. Jennifer Leon, Assistant Director of Special Education for TUHSD, and I will review every question submitted. We will update our new Special Education Reopening FAQs daily and answer your questions with the most current information at that time.

    Most importantly, please know that we all genuinely care about the health, safety, and education of your son or daughter. We are working hard to ensure your student will receive the special education services consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities and those individuals providing their education, specialized instruction, and all related services.

    Kathy Minard
    Director of Special Education for TUHSD

Special Education Contacts

Questions about ACCESS to my student’s learning in TUHSD:

  • Updated - 7/24: My student will be a freshman at your school. If we choose for him/her to not go back to school until we are comfortable, can he/she still do the virtual part through your school since he/she has an IEP or is this only for regular students?

  • Updated - 7/24: Will parents need to sign liability waivers for their son or daughter to participate in person or concurrent classes?

  • Updated - 7/24: How will you provide inclusive opportunities with their gen ed peers?

  • What will In-person look like? Pull out? Cohorts?

  • How do I enroll them online only for the first semester? I found links to other things but not sure how to do this?

  • What would an “online day” look for for my son versus an “in person” day? Is there any hybrid option?

Questions about SYSTEMs for my student to access their learning:

  • Updated - 7/27: If we choose online learning, how will students who get speech therapy, OT, PT, vision, reading intervention, math intervention etc…get their services?

  • Are they able to use a personal computer or will students have to use the district provided device?

  • Is there an option to receive a tablet with a case and screen protector, rather than a laptop?

  • How will the virtual mode be presented (Zoom or other) and will it be recorded to play back later?

  • Is there an alternate plan if someone cannot participate in the in-person model (in virtual mode)? Would it be possible to use the Schoology online model from last school as that plan?

  • How do I cancel my TUOL registration and sign up for the new/3rd option that was provided AFTER the deadline for online only classes?

  • Will the online program have a “read back mode” for students with dyslexia?

Questions about my student’s IEP:

  • Updated - 7/27: What is the plan for IEP meetings? Will they be held virtually or in person?

  • Updated - 7/24: When will we hear from our child’s case manager to schedule IEP’s?

  • Updated - 7/24: How do you intend to make up for the lost minutes from the end of the last school year and adjust for any regression? I do not wish for my child to have any more pull out for his core classes going forward, I will put that in writing if needed so I would like to know what the plan is. Also are you bringing in additional speech, psych and other therapists to assist in catching up all the kiddos with their lost minutes and help to not fall behind with the current school year?

  • Updated - 7/24: Do we have any updated IEP meetings that need to take place? And how do I get his schedule for Sophomore year?

  • Will IEPs have to be rewritten for students if they go to an online platform?

  • What about students that have paraprofessional support? Will their IEPs be rewritten or how does the district plan to provide for those needs?

  • How will hours be counted? How will services be applied online?

Additional Special Education Questions:

  • Updated - 7/27: Does the online learning model meet the least restrictive environment? Online is not appropriate for many children supported by IEP/504 and in person is a public health issue?

  • Updated - 7/27: How will the transition from online to brick and mortar look and more specifically, will team members change when returning to the classroom?

  • Updated - 7/24: Many of these medically fragile children, supported by an IEP cannot stay home because their parents work and cannot sit with them on the computer to help modify, accommodate, and motivate. Is there an option to work with these families who need in-home FAPE with educational professional assistance? 

  • Updated - 7/24: If we chose online, can we send our children to their home school for specials to provide some social interaction with less exposure?

  • Updated - 7/24: My child is unable to sustain attention sitting in front of a computer screen. Lesson plans with printed materials are much more effective and allow us as a family to go at our own pace, while maintaining motivation. Will this be an option through either online program?

  • Updated - 7/24: Can the district or schools create virtual social groups for kids with IEPs to ensure that existing clubs and groups meet virtually as soon as possible?

  • Updated - 7/24: Will career coaching that was taking place at home school be given in the concurrent model?

  • Updated - 7/24: Will there be a tour and parent information night for Success University?

  • Updated - 7/24: What if my child cannot wear a mask, or plays with it…making everyone more at risk?

  • Updated - 7/24: Will parents need to sign liability waivers for their student to receive in person or concurrent classes?

  • I understand school will remain online until the Governor gives the OK to return to school. Last school year my son/daughter had difficulties working online because the assignments did not follow his/her IEP. He/She had to complete regular assignments without support. When school restarts will they receive the necessary support? Will their teachers know he/she has an IEP?

  • I don't want my son/daughter to return on campus but I feel I have no choice because he/she needs the support and I do not know how to help him/her. When school returns to campus are we sure he/she will get the assistance needed?

  • My child struggles in Math and English. I am not sure if going at their own pace will work and my child is stressed about attending school at this time, what is the best route for my child?

  • My child is autistic with ADHD and has been known to not have much success in online virtual form interactions. My child may not be successful in participating in the in-person model (in virtual mode) for the first two weeks.

  • Why is there not a hybrid model specifically for children with IEPs, medically fragile students, etc.?

  • After schools re-open, will we have an option to remain on remote learning, but send our children in to engage in specials for social interaction, but with less exposure?