Attendance Policy

  • The right and privilege of attending public school carries with it certain responsibilities on the part of parents and students. High school attendance is ultimately the responsibility of the student
    and his/her family. It is important that parents and students recognize the direct relationship that exists between academic success and regular school attendance.


    • Absence - A student who arrives more than 10 minutes late is considered absent.
    • Excused absence - An absence is excused if a parent or guardian notifies the school. The reason for the absence must be given.
    • Off-Campus Pass - Generated by the Student Services Office allowing students to leave campus with parent/guardian permission.
    • School-related absence - If a student misses class due to a pre-approved school-related activity, it will not count as an absence.
    • Suspension - The days of suspension do not count as absences for attendance policy.
    • Sweep - Students are swept out of the hallways during the first 10 minutes of class. These late students report to the Sweep Room. Students who will be swept: those in violation of the tardy policy (see below); students out of class without passes; students late for school and did not receive an excused pass from the Attendance Office.
    • Tardy - A student is tardy when s/he is not in class when the tardy bell rings OR as stipulated in their teacher’s classroom syllabus or rules. Students without a pass will report to Sweep.
    • Unexcused absence - Any absence that is not excused by 3:00 pm on the same day by a parent or guardian.


    • A student is allowed no more than 10 absences, excused or unexcused per class per semester. The 11th absence may result in loss of credit unless there are extenuating circumstances. The following are examples of extenuating circumstances: hospitalization, personal/health reasons, family issues, chronic health issues, college visits, runaways, drug rehabilitation, parents kept child out, and parent issues. Contact the Attendance/At-Risk Coordinator with questions regarding extenuating circumstances. The 16th total absence, excused or unexcused, may result in a loss of credit for the class, with the exception being the student is on a chronic health plan.
    • A student in a Dual Credit class is allowed 10 absences. S/he may lose college credit on the 11th absence.
    • MPHS Student Handbook 2014-2015 17
    • Students will be disciplined as a result of unexcused absences. Consequences will include any of the following depending on the severity of student non-compliance: in-school suspension, off-campus suspension and withdrawal from class. Students must be enrolled in four credit-bearing classes. Any student dropped from courses due to attendance will be withdrawn from school if their schedule drops below four credit-bearing classes.

    Parent Notification

    • Automated calling system will call daily on all absences for students with local phone exchanges. The automated system cannot call long distance numbers; parents are encouraged to provide a local number.
    • On the 3rd total absence, the teacher will attempt to make contact with the parent.
    • At the 11th absence, student can be dropped from class. Parent will be notified.
    • Teacher Responsibility
    • Teachers will complete attendance for each class daily.
    • Teachers will make parent contact about attendance concerns.
    • Teachers will allow excused students the number of days absent to make up the work when they return unless arrangements are made with the teacher. Project deadlines given in advance
    • can override this policy such as English 40% projects.
    • Teachers will hold students accountable for work missed when they return from unexcused absences, but not give them credit for the work.
    • Teacher will have makeup work readily available to students with excused absences. After student/parent request, teachers will provide work within 48 hours for parent pick up.

    Makeup Work

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain makeup work from his/her teachers.

    • Excused absence - Students will be allowed the number of days absent to make up assignments.
    • Work that was assigned prior to an absence will be due upon return to class.
    • Unexcused absence - Students will be accountable for information missed. Teachers are not required to issue credit for the work.
    • Sweep - It is the responsibility of the student to contact any and all teachers to pick up and hand in any homework. Teachers must be contacted by the end of the day in which the student was in sweep.
    • 3–6 School - Students may be assigned to 3-6 School for a variety of reasons including: off-campus suspension, falling behind or failing to put forth effort in class, incomplete class assignments or a student who needs assistance with completing homework. Students who are suspended for more than three days will be required to attend the 3-6 program. Parents will be responsible for bringing students to and from this program. Students will have computer access and be able to complete class work and homework during this time. Contact Mr. Tim O’Neil, our At Risk Coordinator, with questions about this program:

    Late to School (1st Hour)

    In order to minimize class interruptions and to assure students do not miss valuable instruction time, students who arrive late to school [arriving after first (1st) period has started] will be sent to Sweep for the remainder of that class period unless:

    1. They are accompanied to school by a parent or court-appointed legal guardian.
    2. They have documentation from their doctor that the tardy is due to a scheduled appointment.
    3. An unforeseen emergency occurred. Oversleeping, missing a ride or car problems do not constitute an emergency.

    Release Hours

    Seniors may have up to two release periods but must be enrolled in four credit-bearing classes. In order to leave campus during the school day, seniors must display a release sticker on their school ID.

    Release for Work Study Program and EVIT

    Students in DECA, Advanced Marketing, Business Internship and EVIT must display a release sticker on their school ID.

    Sweep Rules and Procedures

    • Teachers, security guards, and administrators will sweep students out in the hallways during the first ten minutes of class.
    • Students will be sent to Sweep for the following reasons:
    They violate the tardy policy or are in the halls when the bell rings
    They are late to school first hour, without a doctor’s note or accompanied by a parent
    • Students swept for the third time (cumulative in all classes) and each time thereafter, will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • Students swept for the third time in the same class, and each time thereafter, will count as an unexcused absence and student will be subject to additional disciplinary action.
    • Sweep DOES NOT postpone any assignment deadline. Unless the assignment is turned in on the same day as the Sweep, it will be considered LATE.
    • Sweep students who miss an assignment or test must contact the teacher and/or follow established absence procedures by the next time the class meets and complete all make-up work.

    Sweep vs. Ditching

    • Attendance Office personnel will post a “W” during the hour the student was swept.
    • If a student has been swept, s/he has until the next class meeting to obtain missed assignments. If s/he does not do so, a zero will be received on that assignment.
    • If a student is ditching, s/he will receive an unexcused absence (“U”) and has no opportunity to make up the missed test or work. Teachers can also write a referral for ditching.

    Students will be disciplined as a result of excessive (3 and each one thereafter) tardies (sweeps) upon referral from a teacher or the Sweep Room attendant. Consequences will include, but are not limited to, after school detention, in-school suspension, parent conference and short-term or long-term suspension.

    Sweep Consequences:

    3rd Sweep: Verbal Warning
    4th Sweep: 5 days lunch detention
    5th Sweep: One day of ISS
    6th Sweep: One day of Off-Campus Suspension and attendance at 3-6 School
    7th Sweep: Three days of Off-Campus Suspension and attendance at 3-6 School

    Attendance Procedure

    The following is a summary of the Mountain Pointe Attendance procedure:

    Parent Calls

    Only the parent/legal guardian of the student can notify the school of an absence or request an off-campus pass. When a parent/legal guardian calls to excuse their student, the absence is listed as excused and the reason given is documented. Parent or legal guardian must call on the same day of the absence before 3:00 p.m.

    To leave campus a student’s parent/guardian must call the attendance office on the day of and prior to the time of the absence to receive an off-campus pass and be excused. Students must have their MPHS ID to leave. Students who are ill must report to the nurse. The nurse will make arrangements with the parent/guardian with regard to how the student will get home. Students will not receive off-campus passes to leave for lunch.
    Unexcused Absence

    If a parent does not call on the same day of the absence and the teacher enters the student absent, the computer automatically records that student unexcused.

How to Report an Absence or Request an Off-campus Pass

  • Dial 480-759-8449 ext. 1


    1 – for an off-campus pass 
    (kindly call 30 minutes prior to time of departure)
    2 – to report an absence for grades 9 or 10
    3 – to report an absence for grades 11 or 12

    After message and tone, please verbally state the following information:

    • Spell the student’s last name, then give the first name
    • ID Number
    • Date of absence
    • Periods missed
    • The reason for the absence
    • Your relationship to the student
    • Phone number where you can be reached

    Helpful Hint: 

    To expedite student pick-up during the school day, parents may call and request an off-campus pass prior to coming to school.  
    This will cut down on wait time while your student is called to the office.