Dual Enrollment Due Dates

    • Rio Salado Visits Corona - August 15 & 17
    • Last day to set up a payment plan/ Tuition due -  August 21
    • Last day to Register for Dual Enrollment Fall Courses - September 15

Dual Enrollment Program

  • Students who have never taken a class for dual credit must enroll with Rio Salado before applying. 

    This means that the student has been admitted to Rio Salado College, submitted a school picture ID, a copy of their Birth Certificate, completed the Parent's Consent Form, uploaded a high school transcript showing 2.6+GPA [Juniors & Seniors], or complete placement testing for all other grade levels BEFORE applying for Tuition Assistance. (Students can access their transcript with their GPA in StudentVue under Documents.) 

    New this year: There is no longer a "save progress" button, which means that students/families are encouraged to fully complete this application in one-sitting and have 45 minutes to do so. 

    Here is the link to Rio Salado's Dual Enrollment website with the application: https://www.riosalado.edu/start-rio/early-college/dual-enrollment/tuition-payments. The login information for this application is the student's full MEID@maricopa.edu and the password they created for their student account.

    If you have any questions, please contact your school's Rio Salado Liaison or contact Rio Salado directly at (480) 517-8080. 

    TUHSD Dual Enrollment Presentation - Click to view.

    Dual Enrollment courses
    allow high school students the ability to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. 

    But that's not the only benefit of dual enrollment:
    • Easy transfer to many universities
    • Save money
    • Finish college faster
    • Eliminate duplication of coursework during the early years of college
    • Teachers are dual enrollment certified

    Additional Dual Enrollment Resources AZTransfer: www.aztransfer.com AZTransfer is a statewide collaboration that helps students navigate their higher education options within Arizona.

In-state universities course Transfer

  • How do courses transfer to in-state universities?  These can change so please double check this website AZ Transfer

CdS & Rio Salado Dual Enrollment Contacts & Resources

Dual Enrollment Registration Instructions

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College Placement Reading &/ or Math Test for Freshmen and Sophomores

  • Underclassmen planning on taking a Dual Enrollment course for the first time need to take the online Reading Test from Rio Salado in order to complete their registration process. Underclassmen Math students must take the Math Placement test instead of the reading test. The math test will count as the Reading Placement test. Rio Salado College is offering an online test for students to take at home to fulfill this requirement.  

    Steps for students to complete:

    1. Begin the registration process at Rio. You need to be admitted to Rio Salado BEFORE you can take this test online.
    2. Students must complete the portion in order to receive their Maricopa Student ID number. This is an 8 digit number generated by Rio Salado. It is NOT their Corona del Sol school ID. They will also receive their MEID number. Please keep both numbers safe and secure.
    3. https://maricopa.edready.org/home
    4. Students will select the Reading or Math test.

CdS Rio Salado Classes

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Earn College Credit While at Corona del Sol!

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